Having problems with your fuse panel or maybe you require a service upgrade. No one installs panels as neat and organized as we do! we can get the job done right at a competitive price.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Many homes wired in Hamilton and the surrounding area before 1960 often used Screw in Fuses (Ratings on these fuses are 5, 10 ,15 20 25 and 30 amperes) In the 1950s, fuses in new residential construction was replaced by low voltage circuit breakers.

Heres’ a few questions to consider that indicate it’s time to upgrade your Electrical Panel:

Do your lights flicker or dim?

Do your breakers often trip?

Do your fuses blow easily and often?

Have you heard crackling sounds from your Breaker Panel or Fuse Box?

Why Should I Replace my Fuse box or (Fuse Service Panel)

There are many reasons to consider an upgrade. First there’s the Safey concern. Standard Edison Base Fuses are all interchangeable. This means you could replace a blown 5 amp fuse with a 30! Excessive current on a wire can be extremely dangerous, the wire can overheat and start a fire in your home long before the fuse blows. Additionally over the years electrical demands in homes have gone up, people add additional outlets during renovations, extension cords and power bars increasing the load on your electrical system. Upgrading your panel to a modern Breaker System will Protect your home and give you peace of mind.

What is a Service Upgrade?

Service Panel upgrades help prevent the inconvenience and dangers of having Voltage drop offs. The standard for electrical service has changed over the years, 60amp service used to be considered enough for a typical home. However power consumption has increased, homes have more appliances, computers and technology. In addition homeowners have added air conditioners etc. driving the amount of electricity needed up.

Today many modern homes have 200amp service to ensure sufficient, safe energy is available. Even if you have Breakers instead of fuses you may still need a service upgrade. A Service upgrade involves running additional power from outside into your home and replacing your current Fuse Box or Breaker panel with a larger on to allow for more circuits.

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