Many older homes in Hamilton and Surrounding area use the old style of wiring known as Knob and Tube as Well as Aluminum. If you have Knob and Tube or Aluminum in your home and need it rewired our Certified Electricians are here to help! Continue Reading to learn about the dangers of Knob and Tube and Aluminum Wiring or Scroll to the bottom and Request a Quote!

Knob and Tube – The problem with Knob and tube wiring.

Commonly found in homes over 50 years of age. It consists of parallel hot (black) and neutral (white) wires, separated by knobs (or insulators) and ceramic tubes. Knob and tube wiring is considered a higher risk than contemporary wiring installations mainly because there is no ground wire (in contrast to contemporary wiring). Given their age, the wires are highly susceptible to wearing and exposure, presenting a serious safety hazard. The unintentional contact of the hot and neutral wires may potentially cause an electrical fire. As a result, you may be required to replace all exposed knob and tube wiring with approved permanent wiring material before an insurance company will provide you with homeowners insurance coverage.


Other Disadvantages of Knob and Tube Wiring

Never included a safety grounding conductor
Did not confine switching to the hot conductor
Permitted the use of in-line splices in walls without a junction box

Aluminum Wiring – The Problem with Aluminum Wiring

Aluminum wires have been implicated in many house fires. There are several possible reasons why these connections failed. The two main reasons were improper installation and the differences in the expansion between aluminum wire used in the 1960s and the terminations. Another issue is the joining of aluminum wire to copper wire. In some areas, home hazard insurance will not cover homes with any aluminum wiring, and some insurance companies that claim to cover it charge a higher premium than for homes with copper wiring.


We have rewired many houses in Hamilton and surrounding area and offer complete service from start to finish. This process takes between 1 and 2 weeks depending on the size of house. Our pricing includes patching all drywall so your home is left the same way we found it. Full in the form below and let’s get that Knob and Tube or Aluminum out of your home!


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